Who runs the Muckenthaler?
The City of Fullerton owns the property which was given to the city by the Muckenthaler family with the express purpose that it be used as a cultural center. It cannot be used for any other purpose or the Grant Deed reverts back to the family. After the Orange County bankruptcy in 1995, the Muckenthaler’s nonprofit support group took over operation of the center. Today Muckenthaler Cultural Center Foundation sustains all operations including programs, classes, and events.  The City provides funding for maintenance and repairs to the property.

Why a capital campaign?
Since the first master plan for the center in1968, there has always been a plan to add new buildings onto the Muckenthaler for cultural programs. A revised plan was established and approved in 1984. This plan had four phases. The first two phases (main entrance gate and outdoor amphitheater) were completed. A revised plan is proposed for 2015. The 1968, 1984, and current revised plan can be found online here.

Will tax payers be paying for this?

The city is being asked to pay only for park improvements (to the grounds which are a public park). The other phases of the plan (the buildings) will be paid for by donations and grants to the Muckenthaler Foundation.

Who do I talk to if I have ideas for or issues with the plan?
Janette Pyun at Janette@themuck.org or 714-738-6595 x103.

Why do we need a new master plan?
As we grow, we need more space for programs, especially in the winter. Our class room space is sorely lacking. We have no facilities currently to do dance, media or music programs. We need to save our National Historic Landmark building from the wear and tear of daily use. And we need to do programs in a smarter way that preserves our history while having less impact on the neighborhood and historic site. This plan does all these things.

How fast will the master plan be built?
It is a 4 phase plan over 8 years starting in 2016 and ending in 2024, assuming monies can be raised in a timely fashion.

What about drought? Won’t this mean more money being spent on water?
No, park improvements will provide new sprinkler systems and less grass area and more drought tolerant plants, resulting in a decrease in water usage.

Why can’t we just leave it the way it is?
The Muckenthaler’s programs have grown steadily in the last seven years at a total of thirteen locations.  We are the only cultural center in North Orange County and it is in our mission to reach new patrons in the community who could not otherwise afford exposure to the arts. In addition the historic structure will crumble from overuse if not protected while we serve our mission as a cultural facility.

Why do we need more buildings?
To accommodate our success serving the community in arts and culture; to preserve a historic landmark building; and to reduce noise and traffic issues from rentals and events.

How will the new programs be funded?
The Muckenthaler has an endowment for our new programs of over $700,000. We hope to grow this to over $3 Million. That would add $150,000 to the budget for our programs and allow us to rely less on rental events. Anyone who contributes a minimum of $10,000 or 10% of their estate in their estate planning will be on our donor wall and be included in our Legacy Club. Please consider adding us to your estate plans. You can contact Janette Pyun at Janette@themuck.org or 714-738-6595 x103.

How can I support the Master Plan?
Please contact Janette Pyun at Janette@themuck.org or 714-738-6595 x103.

How can I get involved in Muckenthaler Programs?

Become a Member!

Enjoy 50% discount on all performances
• 20% discount on all classes
• 20% discount on our historic book
• 10% discount on purchases in Center Circle Gift Shop
• Our annual brochure and invitations to gallery exhibition openings, train tours, farm dinners & other exclusive events

How can I volunteer?
The Muckenthaler has many different volunteer opportunities! From helping out at Muckenthaler events to serving on the Board of Trustees, there is a volunteer position for you.  Please visit here for more information or please contact Janette Pyun at Janette@themuck.org or 714-738-6595 x103.

How can I donate to the efforts?
The Muckenthaler is as diverse as our patrons, and now you can decide what you want your generous donation to support! Please visit here to learn more about our various donation funds or contact Janette Pyun at Janette@themuck.org or 714-738-6595 x103.